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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Jan 23, 2012 in Chippers

While a chipper shredder is a highly useful piece of equipment, they can also be highly expensive to fix when they break down. However, by keeping up regular maintenance of your machine, you will ensure that it needs to be serviced less often and will be running well for years to come.

Before each use:

  • clear away any accumulated debris from around the engine and chutes.
  • ensure that the control panel is free of debris (this also helps to prevent control malfunction).
  • check the engine’s oil and fuel levels; top up as needed.

After every 50 hours of operation:

  • change the engine oil. If you use your machine more often, then you should also change the oil more often.

Once a year or after every 100 hours of operation:

  • replace the air filter, as adequate air flow is essential for keeping the engine cool and preventing overheating.
  • change the spark plug.
  • use a light engine oil to lubricate the moving joints of the chipper shredder, such as the exit chute and control levers.
  • wash the collection bag (if your machine comes with one) and let it completely dry before reattaching it.
  • replace or sharpen the shredder’s cutting blades.

Unfortunately, chipper shredders are subject to high levels of mechanical stress, even during normal use, so the proper care and maintenance of your machine is conducive to a long lasting and proper functioning life. Luckily for chipper shredder owners, the above maintenance can be completed in under an hour in most cases.