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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Feb 27, 2012 in Chippers

Even though a chipper shredder is a highly useful piece of power equipment, there are not always needs for homeowners to actually purchase one to call their own. Perhaps they are undertaking a home landscaping project, so only need a shredder for a weekend, or perhaps they want to try the machine out and see if it’s for them. For whatever reason you find yourself in need of a chipper shredder for a short amount of time, remember that it is possible to rent one.

Do some research on the internet or the telephone into what businesses in your area supply rental chipper shredders, and find out whether they have one available for the time that you wish to rent it. You may be able to book online or over the phone instead of going into the store. Then, go to the store on the day you have booked the machine to pick it up.

The rental business will ask you for your details, generally your name, address and credit card. These details will be kept on file until you return the chipper shredder, just in case you do not return at all, you return the machine late, or you damage it in some way. You will also be asked to sign a contract, stating that you will take care of the shredder and will return it by a certain date and a certain time.

If you are late in returning your rented chipper shredder, you may incur some additional fees, so it is always best to aim for delivering the machine back before the designated time. It is also recommended that you fill up the fuel tank before returning the shredder (especially if it was full when you picked it up).