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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Feb 09, 2012 in Chippers

Whilst owning a wood chipper can be highly rewarding when it comes to disposing of the dead branches and sticks that seem to accumulate in your yard, it can become a whole other story when the blades become dull and they need to be sharpened. Fortunately, you can do this job yourself – and it shouldn’t take more than around 10 minutes.

To remove the blades from your wood chipper, remove the intake chute. Then, slowly rotate the chipper mechanism (also known as an impeller) by hand until one or two of the blades become visible through the opening. There should be some allen screws securing the blades to the impeller – these will need to be removed to get the blade out. Continue this rotating process until you have removed all of the chipper blades.

The best and most efficient way to sharpen your wood chipper blades is to use a grinding wheel. Ensure that you follow the existing angle of the blades and grind them until there is a strip of new metal visible on the cutting surface. You should always try to remove as little metal as possible. Remember to continually check that your chipper blade edges are even.

Once you have sharpened the blades, you will need to put them back into your chipper, ensuring to tightly re-secure each blade with its relevant allen screws. Then, replace the intake chute and switch the chipper on to ensure that it is operating normally. If it is, your wood chipper is ready to dispose of garden waste once more.