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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Dec 08, 2011 in Chippers

There are plenty of reasons why many home and business owners should invest in a good quality chipper shredder for use in their yards. These are just some of the best ones:

Time Saver
Owning a chipper shredder can save you gardening time, letting you spend more time on the things you like doing. Instead of slaving away cutting up branches to make them easier to dispose of, you just feed them into the machine and it makes chips of them in minutes.

Space Saver
With the purchase of a chipper shredder, you can make sure that your valuable yard space is never taken up with garden waste again. Logs and branches that you may pile up, waiting for a free afternoon to properly cut them up, can be taken care of quickly by feeding them through the machine. The bags of chips are also much easier to deal with and store than big bulky logs.

Cost Effective
In many areas, it costs residents money to dispose of their unwanted garden waste. But this can all be changed with a chippers shredder. You can just feed your unwanted garden waste into the machine. The bonus of these machines is that they can also turn your leaf litter into a compost that is great for your garden, meaning you will never need to buy mulch again.

The machine is relatively easy to use, making it great for those people who still desire a neat and tidy yard but are elderly or have back problems that may prevent them from cutting up bigger branches and logs.

If you have ever looked out at your yard and wished there was an easier way to dispose of all the dead branches and tree debris lying everywhere, or if you feel like you never have the time to properly maintain your property, perhaps a chipper shredder is right for you.