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Posted by Josephine Ayre on May 14, 2012 in Chippers

A gravity-fed wood chipper operates in much the same way that a normal chipper does, except that when you insert a branch into the cutting mechanism, the machine will use gravity and its blades to draw it in further for you. This can make disposing of garden debris much easier, as you aren’t reduced to pushing and pulling on branches to get them cut up.

The process of using a gravity-fed wood chipper, then, is also very similar to using a normal model. First, you must ensure that you are wearing the proper safety gear (as a gravity-fed chipper can still hurt you) and that you have positioned the exit chute in the direction you desire.

Next, you can open the wood chipper’s hopper cover (located over the entry chute) and turn the machine on. Take the first branch that you wish to dispose of and insert it into the entry chute, butt (or thicker) end first. Gravity will direct the branch into the chipper blades; when you feel them grab hold of the trunk, let the branch go.

You must wait for the wood chipper to finish cutting up the first branch before you insert another one. If you find that the first branch gets a little stuck, you can use the butt end of the second branch to push it into the chipper blades until you feel them catch again.

Continue feeding branches into the entry chute in this fashion, one at a time, until you have cleared all of the garden debris that you wish to get rid of. Once you are finished, turn off the wood chipper and replace the hopper cover (always in this order). You are now free to put the chipper away and to dispose of the chips as you see fit.