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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Sep 22, 2011 in Chippers

Chipper shredders are machines which combine two important gardening processes. The chipper shredder allows you to transform all your garden waste into valuable, nutrient-rich mulch. With just one machine you can quickly get rid of tree branches and prunings as well as huge piles of smaller garden waste such as weeds and garden refuse. The chipper shredder transforms your garden waste into manageable sizes for reuse in further landscaping projects.

The best chipper shredders can process a wide variety of material, from green saplings to weathered tree branches and hardy leaves such as palm fronds. Chipper shredders are essential gardening tools for professional landscapers as they allow the gardener to get through a job quickly and efficiently. Chipper shredders can also be used for other uses in agriculture such as processing hard vegetables and mill for stock feed. The combination machines are also a fantastic tool for the enthusiastic home gardener taking on a large project. They take a lot of the hard, tiring and back breaking work out of any landscaping or farm maintenance project.

Chipper shredders convert unused garden rubbish into useful material. You can use the chipper shredder to produce wood chips that are useful as a final covering on garden beds, or in pathways and play areas. You can also shred smaller garden material to make a finer mulch that can be mixed with fertilizer to make a potent mix for improving the health of a garden. Chipper shredders use very powerful engines to process large piles of garden waste quickly and to cut through thick tree branches.