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Posted by Josephine Ayre on May 28, 2012 in Log Splitter

When you own a fuel-powered log splitter, it is important to regularly change the oil to keep its engine running at its optimum (much like you would with your car or lawnmower). Thankfully, most splitters are fitted with oil filters, which makes the process of changing the oil that much easier for even the most novice homeowner.

Begin by starting your log splitter up and letting it run for around 5 minutes. The sole purpose for doing this is because warm oil drains much more quickly than cold oil. Once you have turned the splitter off, find the oil drain plug (usually near the bottom of the engine crankcase).

Place a container on the ground beneath the oil drain plug, then unscrew the oil cap (with the dipstick attached) from the top of the log splitter’s engine. Use a rag to wipe the dipstick clean and wrap it up to prevent dirt from getting stuck to it. Lay the dipstick out of the way for now to prevent damaging it.

Remove the drain plug from the log splitter (you may need to use a socket wrench) and allow all of the old oil to drain out into the container that you placed underneath. Once the oil stops dripping, place the plug back into the crankcase. Wipe the surrounding area to remove any residue.

Place a clean funnel into the oil cap at the top of the log splitter’s engine and pour in some appropriate oil. Unwrap the dipstick and use it to check the level of new oil in your engine. You will need to continue adding oil until the dipstick says it has reached the full level. Your oil change is now complete.