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Posted by Josephine Ayre on May 08, 2012 in Log Splitter

When you break it down, there are basically three different types of splitter to choose from – electric, fuel and manual. Determining which type is the best log splitter for sale really is a matter of personal preference, your budget and your needs. You may decide that a fuel-powered splitter is the best, whereas your neighbour may swear by an electric one.

So, how does each of these log splitters differ to each other (possibly helping you to decide on the best one for your needs)?

  • Manual: these splitters are the cheapest on the market, making them very affordable for most homeowners, and are very lightweight. They are, however, more physically demanding and have a much slower cycle time.
  • Electric: these splitters can be used indoors (as they do not exude toxic fumes), have a fairly high splitting capacity and are fairly affordable. They do, however, require access to a power outlet in order to operate.
  • Fuel: these splitters are the most powerful on the market and have a fairly quick cycle time. They are, however, the most expensive and noisiest models on the market.

Deciding which log splitter for sale is the best type will ultimately depend on the person buying it. If you are working within a limited budget, for example, you will probably find that a manual splitter is the best type for you. Or, if you need to cut an excessive amount of logs, you will probably find a fuel-powered model to be the best. Take into account your needs and budget, and you are sure to make the best choice.