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Here at RedGum, we have a variety of high quality log splitters for sale, including our popular GX200 model. All splitters sold by us are assembled in Australia from high quality components. In fact, RedGum is your local small engine specialist – we perform tests and checks on your splitter to ensure it will perform optimally for you.


All of the products sold by RedGum are well designed, robust and high performing. We understand that timber comes in varying stages of hardness, which is why our log splitters are guaranteed to split any wood that you intend to burn in your fireplace.


Fortunately, RedGum log splitters are available throughout Australia. Our customers can also benefit from ongoing maintenance and repair services, which are available from the place of purchase. We know that our splitters will get your firewood preparation or wood processing job done in a fraction of the time!


We also supply a range of accessories to help make the operation of your log splitter easier and more fun to use. Our work table, for example, catches the split logs for you, whilst the cover provides the ultimate in splitter protection.


RedGum GX200 Extra

RedGum GX200 Extra

  • 3000psi splitting force
  • Higher flow gear pump, with 25% faster cycle
  • Built in tool box
  • Stronger capped axe head
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