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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Jan 24, 2014 in Chippers
Instead of trying to dispose of entire branches when trees are trimmed, many people often put them through a wood chipper. The smaller debris that results from this process is much easier to dispose of and can even be used for a number of applications around the home.
Posted by Josephine Ayre on Oct 04, 2013 in Chippers
Whilst most chipper shredders are designed to be hassle free and to deliver many years of operation, they will still require some maintenance in order to keep them in tiptop condition.
Posted by Josephine Ayre on Apr 23, 2013 in Chippers
Do you have an old chipper that you no longer need because you’re upgrading to a newer model or you no longer live in a location with a garden that requires regular attention?
Posted by Josephine Ayre on Mar 05, 2013 in Chippers
If you have noticed that your backyard is full of fallen branches and twigs that you would like to dispose of, you might find that purchasing a tree chipper is going to be the fastest way to achieve this.
Posted by Josephine Ayre on Feb 18, 2013 in Chippers
Many keen gardeners have discovered that placing wood chips around the shrubs and flowers in their garden beds is one of the best ways to control weed growth