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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Nov 09, 2011 in Chippers

Wood chippers are a great way to reuse garden material to nourish your plants using tree branches  and leaf litter that would have otherwise been thrown out and gone to waste. Shredders are useful both in the domestic setting and for professional gardeners and landscapers. They are indispensable when preparing a site for a new garden development as they allow the gardener to quickly transform large and cumbersome tree branches into conveniently sized wood chips that can be used in the new garden.

To complete such intensive jobs as these, however, you will need a wood chipper with a high performance engine. A shredder with a weak engine will not have as wide a working range as other wood chippers and will make getting through your gardening jobs much slower. When purchasing a shredder you should choose according to the size of your garden and the number of different trees and plants that need maintaining.

If you are a professional gardener or landscaper then it is well worth purchasing a wood chipper with a high performance engine, to ensure that you will be able to complete every job as quickly as possible. You should look for a shredder that has been produced from high quality, Australian components and is powered by a commercial grade engine.

If you expect to be using your wood chipper quite regularly, it is a good idea to buy a heavy duty, high capacity model with a high performance engine. These machines will usually have at least a four horsepower and four cycle gasoline engine in order to process heavy loads quickly. The higher performance engine will also aid the machine in breaking down tougher materials, such as thick tree branches and tough rubbery leaves.