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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Oct 15, 2012 in Chippers

If you haven’t touched your property in a few years, it’s likely that the land has become so overgrown that you wouldn’t dare venture out there without some sort of protection. Why not take the arrival of spring as the sign you have been looking for to get out there and make a fresh start?

For properties that are as overgrown as this, you’re only hope of success is finding a high quality wood chipper for sale. This machine will make quick work of all the discarded tree branches are dead shrubbery that you are clearing from your land, leaving you with piles of chips that you can then spread out on your cleared garden beds or beneath your kid’s play equipment, or even turn into mulch that you can feed your rejuvenated property with.

When feeding garden debris through your wood chipper, however, it is important that you carefully inspect it to make sure that the machine will be able to chew through it. Branches that have been lying dead on the ground for a short period of time may be too hard for a standard chipper to get through (yet easy work for an industrial sized machine) and those that have been lying around for months may be too rotten.

If you have been thinking about getting out into that jungle you call a backyard, you really would do well to find a high quality wood chipper for sale and snap it up quick. Not only will this help you to make quick work of all those old branches and shrubs, it will give you some chips to help kick start your new garden.