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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Apr 13, 2012 in Chippers

In most cases, a standard sized chipper is sufficient for clearing your property of branches, leaves and other garden debris, but there are some cases that an industrial sized chipper may be better suited for the job. If you work for a company that maintains a park or large property landscape, or you yourself own a fairly large property, an industrial chipper may be the machine for you.

The main reason that landscaping companies like to employ the use of an industrial chipper is that it makes quick work of branches, tree limbs and even trunks by feeding them through the cutting mechanism. An industrial sized chipper also allows you the bonus of being able to feed the exit chute directly into a skip or even a truck, making carting away the chips that much easier. It also allows you the freedom of being able to feed any size branch or trunk into the hopper without having to pre-cut them first.

Another reason that a landscaping company likes to invest in an industrial chipper is that they are much easier to transport than their smaller, standard counterparts. Industrial models are able to be hooked up to the back or a car or truck, in much the same way a trailer is. Even larger chippers can be fitted with their own engine to make transport a breeze.

Generally, most people will not need to invest in an industrial sized chipper and will be able to utilize a standard sized one for their needs. If you own a large property or work for a landscaping company, however, you may find that an industrial sized chipper is exactly what you need to make your job that much easier.