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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Nov 24, 2011 in Chippers

Chipper Shredders are truly versatile gardening tools. They can be used to shred branches and plants into small pieces, clear areas of undergrowth or grass, chip trees into reusable mulch and to recycle and compost common garden waste. Unlike wood chippers, these machines can be used to process a huge variety of garden material, meaning that you can clean up your entire garden in one go.

 The modern machines are also incredibly safe, featuring prevention guards that block off access to the working parts. This means that you can safely use an industrial machine in your garden to make the simplest of jobs go faster. The latest chipper shredders also use high powered commercial engines, to make transforming your garden waste into valuable mulch even easier.

 With a chipper shredder you can transform all your garden material into chunks or shreds only millimetres thick, no matter how tough, rubbery, fibrous or sinewy they are. If you want a really fine mulch that will break down even faster and easier, you can simply feed the material through the machine a second time. The latest high performance models can accommodate garden waste of all sizes and thicknesses.

 If you thought operating one of these machines might be more trouble than its worth, then think again! Nothing could be easier than feeding tree branches, leaves or even tough vines into the hopper and sitting back till you have a huge pile of mulch ready for composting. If you're serious about gardening and want a sustainable option for clearing up your garden and producing mulch, then a chipper shredder is an essential purchase.