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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Jan 24, 2014 in Chippers
Instead of trying to dispose of entire branches when trees are trimmed, many people often put them through a wood chipper. The smaller debris that results from this process is much easier to dispose of and can even be used for a number of applications around the home. Many people wonder whether their chipper can also be used to make wood shavings, which might be preferable.
The good news is that any wood chipper can make shavings. This will depend on the blades, the timber and the settings of the machine.
The first thing to check should be the number of blades that your chipper has – the more blades, the finer the resulting shavings. Smaller models may have only three or four blades and, therefore, can only take smaller branches. Larger models will have many more blades that will be able to cut the timber into much finer slices or shavings.
Did you know that you can actually select how fine you want the chipper to slice the branches? On the side of the machine is a control box with all of the necessary settings. It may take some experimenting, but trial and error will allow you to find the proper settings to create shavings. Just remember that smaller and cheaper models may struggle.
The final thing that you need to consider is the type of timber that you are trying to pass through the chipper. Generally, the larger the wood is the harder it will be to cut down to your desired size. You may have to first chip these branches and then run the debris through the machine again on a finer setting in order to generate shavings.

Even though your wood chipper should be more than capable of producing shavings, it is important that you have considered the blades, the settings and the timber before proceeding. Some models will be unable to produce the exact shavings that you want, larger and more expensive ones should be able to do this with ease. You can then enjoy your shavings however you wish!