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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Mar 21, 2013 in Log Splitter

You will probably have noticed that many of the hydraulic log splitters available today are mounted on at least two wheels to help you move the machine around your backyard as you split timber. Because you will be working with sharp fragments of wood, it is not uncommon to find that one of your tyres has become punctured. Fortunately, it is possible to change your tyre when this occurs.

Step 1: Move your splitter to a flat surface, preferably one that is cement, so that you can work on the tyre. Set aside the new one that you have purchased from a hardware store or the showroom who supplied your machine.

Step 2: Using the right size socket, loosen the lug nuts around the rim (there may be as many as six). You may need to use a ‘breaker bar’ to help you achieve this, especially if the nuts are rusty; this is tool used to gain more leverage.

Step 3: Insert a jack beneath the log splitter and crank it up until the tyre you need to replace is high enough off the ground to spin freely. Finish loosening the lug nuts, then remove them and the tyre.

Step 4: Place the new tyre over the lug threads. Put the old lug nuts back onto the threads and use the socket to tighten them back up. If any of the nuts were rusty, you might like to replace them.

Step 5: Slowly let the jack down so that the splitter is back on solid ground. Give the lug nuts when final tighten to ensure that the tyre is locked in place and that it won’t come flying off.

Step 6: Check the air pressure in your tyre to make sure that it is not too high or too low. You can often find the appropriate pressure for your tyre inscribed on the sidewall.

If you are having trouble finding the right size tyre for your hydraulic log splitter, take off the old, damaged one and take it into the hardware store or supplier’s showroom for you. One of the sales representatives should be able to assist you in selecting a tyre that is appropriate for your splitter. You can then return home and continue on with the process.