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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Apr 12, 2012 in Log Splitter

During Australia’s cool winters, one of our favourite ways to warm up our homes is through the use of a wood heater. For many people, however, time constraints, age and injury make the use of axes and sledgehammers inadvisable for stocking up on timber in the months preceding winter, making log splitters the tool of choice for many homeowners.

The log splitter possesses three qualities that make it a truly desirable machine for cutting through large amounts of wood:

  • Tonnage

This refers to the amount of power or strength that the engine of a splitter can exert when it cuts. Basically, the higher the tonnage (or horsepower), the better the machine works.

  • Cycle

This refers to the amount of time that it takes for the log splitter’s hydraulic pump to reset itself. Basically, the short the cycle time, the better the machine (as it can cut more wood).

  • Position

This refers to the way in which the splitter works, either horizontally or vertically (or, in some cases, both ways). Most people prefer a vertical splitter, as they do not have to lift the logs too far and it is safer.

All of the above qualities make using a log splitter much more desirable then slaving away with an axe, sledgehammer or even a chainsaw. To make your work even easier, simply select a model with the highest tonnage, fastest cycle time and most preferred position. As you can see, the splitter truly is a desirable (and useful) machine.