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Posted by Josephine Ayre on Feb 01, 2013 in Log Splitter

Did you know that log splitters can actually use a number of different types of hydraulic fluids in their operation? Whilst you should use the fluid that has been recommended by the manufacturer of your model, it is actually safe to use any of the below fluids without risking damage to your splitter (just keep in mind that you may void a warranty).


  • Non-Foaming: This fluid is non-flammable and is actually the most commonly recommended for use with these machines. It is comprised of a mixture of naturally occurring chemicals that won’t foam when they run through the hydraulics system (this helps to lessen dirty build ups).
  • Flammable: This is an oil-based fluid that is used in splitters to provide them with more power (so that the wedge can power through bigger logs or stronger timbers). It also helps to prevent corrosion of the hydraulic parts, but does leave sticky build ups behind.
  • Synthetic: This fluid is comprised of a number of man-made lubricants and is completely non-flammable. Whilst it is the cheapest of the fluids on the market, it is known for corroding the hydraulic components fairly quickly and other components to wear.


To determine which of the above fluids is recommended by the manufacturer of your hydraulic log splitter, make sure that you read through the owner’s manual that came with your machine. Once your warranty period has ended, feel free to use whatever fluid takes your fancy – perhaps you want your splitter to have more power or you want a cheaper option.