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Posted by Josephine Ayre on May 23, 2012 in Log Splitter
The decision to buy a log splitter in Australia really is the easy part – it is deciding on what type, brand and model that is difficult.
Posted by Josephine Ayre on May 14, 2012 in Chippers
A gravity-fed wood chipper operates in much the same way that a normal chipper does, except that when you insert a branch into the cutting mechanism, the machine will use gravity and its blades to draw it in further for you.
Posted by Josephine Ayre on May 08, 2012 in Log Splitter
When you break it down, there are basically three different types of splitter to choose from - electric, fuel and manual.
Posted by Josephine Ayre on Apr 19, 2012 in Log Splitter
If you are looking at log splitters for the first time, you may find the task quite daunting, as there are a number of different brands and models on the market.
Posted by Josephine Ayre on Apr 16, 2012 in Chippers
These days, there are plenty of homeowners who are interested in looking at chippers for sale because there has been a growing emphasis on becoming more environmentally friendly and recycling wherever we can.