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RedGum Chipper Feeding Tool

RedGum Chipper Feeding Tool
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RedGum Chipper Feeding Tool Benefits:
  • Helps to push branches through the chipper
  • Prevents chipper blades from becoming clogged
  • Cleaner blades reduce stress on machine during start up
  • Comfortable hand grip

The RedGum Chipper Feeding Tool allows you to push branches through the side chute, and ensure that they are fed through the chipper blades properly. Ensuring that branches are fully fed through the chipper before turning off the machine will also prevent any remaining wood being stuck in the blades and placing stress on belts/clutch etc when starting the machine next time.

*Please note that this tool is designed for use on the side chipper chute only, not for pushing light foliage through the top shredder chute.

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