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It means that Honda™ Australia has tested, approved and certified every RedGum product.

RedGum-branded machines can be assessed by any of our RedGum-approved dealers. The Honda™ engine can be taken to any Honda™ Australia Power Equipment dealer.

Yes, RedGum Products is a Honda™ Australia approved OEM and never uses Fake/Grey import Honda™ engines on any of their RedGum-branded machines.

RedGum Products recommends to only use RedGum-branded Hydraulic Fluid 46 Oil for RedGum Logsplitters and Chippers.

RedGum Products recommends to only use Genuine Honda 10W30 Power Equipment Oil. This can be purchased from your closest Honda™ Power Equipment dealer.

RedGum-branded machines can be be purchased and repaired through any of our RedGum-approved dealers.

No, RedGum Products only sells their products exclusively through their Dealer Network of over 140 dealers across Australia.