RedGum Yard and Garden Vacuum

RedGum Yard and Garden Vacuum

  • Powered by a Honda GX200 4-stroke commercial OHV engine
  • Tank capacity: 3.6L
  • Fuel type: 91 RON Unleaded
  • Fuel consumption: Approx. 1.2L/h


Price excludes dealer freight.

Why choose RedGum Products?


The tree chippers manufactured by RedGum are capable of handling branches that are up to 75mm thick. They are also able to shred smaller pieces (such as foliage, bushy material, weeds and leaves). The large hopper that we fit to our products means that less preparation and trimming of branches is needed.


All of our wood and shredder chippers for sale have been assembled here in Australia using only the highest quality parts. After assembly, each product is tested to ensure that it performs at its best level. RedGum Chippers are approved under the ‘Honda Australia Approved program’ (see the video for more details)..


We guarantee that our shredder and wood chippers will make any gardening job easier and more efficient – all RedGum products have been designed with easy maneuverability and mobility in mind, as well as being fitted with comfortable handles and wheels (for simple transport around your property).